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Stacey Mejia

Stacey Mejia

Registered Client Service Associate

Stacey Steers Clients Toward Financial Dreams

Stacey, bolstered with over a decade of enriching experience in higher education and a solid foundation as a seasoned tax accountant, proudly became a part of The Browning Group in July 2023. She brings with her a profound appreciation for lifelong learning coupled with a robust expertise in finance, enhancing the financial clarity and empowerment of the team.

Driven by an unwavering passion, Stacey is devoted to steering clients toward the realization of their financial dreams and goals. Recognizing the distinct journey each client embarks upon, she meticulously tailor’s solutions in harmony with their specific objectives. Her extensive international career experience lends her a global insight, augmenting her adept problem-solving skills and heightening intercultural awareness.

Dedication to robust client relationships stands as a pillar of Stacey’s values. She ardently believes in the power of open communication, unwavering trust, and personalized attention are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. This ethos, paired with her expansive knowledge, solidifies her as a trusted Client Service Associate guiding clients toward financial security and prosperity.

Stacey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Management from the University of Maryland, and a Master’s degree in HR from the University of Oklahoma. Her academic background mirrors her balanced emphasis on the financial and people-centered dimensions of business.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Stacey’s heart lies in her love for travel and the great outdoors. Guided by an adventurous spirit, she relishes in the discovery of diverse global destinations, immersing herself in a mosaic of rich cultures worldwide. Away from the professional milieu, the allure of nature captivates her, alongside her faithful fur companions, Mollie and Kingston, marking trails of new adventures in the beauty of the natural world.