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Jackie DeBenedictis

Jackie DeBenedictis

Partner / Advisor

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Jackie Turns Dreams into Realities

As a stalwart figure at The Browning Group since 2004, Jackie's journey has been nothing short of exemplary. Rising through the ranks, she's spent much of her illustrious tenure under the expert mentorship of Armistead and Tyler Browning. Today, as a Partner and Advisor, she's an indomitable force, central to addressing clients' immediate needs and intricacies of their financial plans. Jackie's passion isn't just about numbers or strategies; it's about turning financial dreams into tangible realities. She thrives on the gratification that each dawn brings – the knowledge that her expertise truly shapes the financial destinies of her clients.

Jackie's unwavering dedication and meticulous approach were most evident when a client couple, stepping into the autumn of their lives, aspired to transition into a retirement community. Plagued by uncertainties and numerous how’s, they turned to Jackie. Through comprehensive discussions, Jackie didn't just lay out the financial roadmap; she hand-held them through every twist and turn. Handling intricate details, exploring varied options, and ensuring that their next life chapter wasn't just comfortable, but truly enchanting. She turned their dream into reality. For Jackie, such moments are more than just professional achievements; they are heartwarming testimonials of trust and relationships cultivated over time.

Beyond the confines of The Browning Group walls, Jackie is a proud Colorado native and has called Castle Rock her haven for decades. With a loving bond spanning over 25 years of marriage to Derek, she revels in the joys of her family – two adult children, Alex and Ben, and always a house of cherished dogs. Whether it's a spirited game of golf, soaking in the outdoor splendors, or treasuring moments with her family, Jackie's life is a rich tapestry of experiences and love. Her commitment to work mirrors her commitment to life – profound, passionate, and purposeful.